Da’wa and Outreach

Description and Scope:

Da’wa and outreach committee at AIC formed to:

  • Initiates and conducts programs to spread the Balanced message of Islam to Muslims and Non-Muslims
  • Conducts Da’wa programs to target non-masjid attendees from the Muslim Community
  • Outreach Programs to communicate and interact with other faith communities
  • Establish programs to support New Muslims


First-Year goals:

  • Build and train the teams
  • Make Alnoor Islamic Center known within the other religious communities
  • Attract Muslims who are not regularly attending the Masjid to participate in at least one program this year.

Five-Year Goals

  • Train successor leaders and team members
  • Consistently participate in activities to serve the larger community in collaborations with other religious leaders
  • Implement regular programs that attract non-Masjid goers.


Core Team and Roles:

  • Outreach Coordinator, will lead a team of 3-5 to coordinate the activities of the outreach programs, e.g Interfaith engagement, open houses, coordinate activities with other faith groups.
  • Dawa Coordinator, will lead a teach of 3-5, to establish and conduct activities assigned to the committee and to attract Muslims who are not attending the masjid.
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