Youth Guys Ramadan Itikaf Night

Alnoor Islamic Center Youth Committee is excited to announce this year’s Youth Ramadan Itikaf Night! We’re looking forward to seeing you all.


Night Details: 

  • All night activities until Fajr!
  • Sohour together!
  • Qiyam, Imani Talks Discussions!
  • Games, Indoor/Outdoor Activities!
  • Bonfires, Smores!
  • & Much More!


Date & Time: 

Drop Off time: 03/29 @ 10:30 PM (After Taraweeh)

Pickup Time: 03/30 @ 7:00 AM (After Fajr)


Boys Only

Age Separate (Middle school, High School, College Separate).

Age: 13-25 Years old (For older participants please contact us via email first)

Drop off & Pickup Location: ALNOOR Islamic Center

It’s free


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