Marvels of MAS-AIC [FTC]

In collaboration with Marvels of MAS (Dallas) and ITKAN after their massive achievements in 2020 & 2021, AlNoor Islamic Center is excited to present “MARVELS of MAS-AIC”. This is a program where participants will learn robotics and more to establish the First Technical Challenge (FTC) team that can participate in the FIRST international competition.


What is the vision of this program?
With the guidance of MAS Dallas Islamic Center and ITKAN, we are starting this program as a first step to raise a generation of capable muslims who can recover the leadership role of the islamic civilization. With a team of well-experienced engineers, we wanted to open up the gates of bright future and career in technology for our youth.


What are the youth going to learn?
This program will teach the youth more than just robotics. Specifically, participants will learn:
1- Programming
2- Robot Design
3- 3D Modeling
4- Marketing & Outreach
5- Teamwork
6- Leadership Skills


What is the age group?
12-18 years old


What are the fees?
No fees are required. Just commitment!


What are the program requirements?

  • We want to recruit participants who are highly committed, and passionate in technology who are capable to work in teams.
  • All registered participants will be interviewed first and they will get admitted only if they were accepted. (Parents need to be available during the interview process as well)
  • One or both parents will actively participate with their kids to transfer their knowledge, help them reach their full potential, and volunteer to help the teams. [Note: this is a requirement by Itkan institution of technology]..


Who are we?
A team of well-experienced engineers, and marketing leaders, some of them are PhD holders in computer science, and the rest is working in reputable tech companies. This team is coached and supervised by Dr. Mohamed Ebeida (a research scientist and the founder of the Marvels community in the Muslim American Society).


Our Supervising Team:

Mohamed Ebeida, Ph.D. ( Research Scientist and the head coach of The Marvels – Champions of NM regionals)
Samiha Marwan, Ph.D. (Research Scientist in Computer Science)
Omar Sharkawi (Program Manager in a major software company)
Ahmad Almoraly (Senior Software Developer)
Ahmad Kamhawy (Electrical Engineer & Hardware Specialist)
Ahmed Abu Taleb (Principal Business Analyst)

Learn more about the Marvels of MAS and Itkan institute of technology through this website Marvels Of MAS.

Register Here

For more questions, please send an email to:

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