Umrah and Egypt Trip – 2024

Join us for this Life-changing experience!

Embark on an exhilarating trip to Egypt, where adventure and spirituality intertwine! Our journey begins in the vibrant city of Hurghada, where we’ll dive into thrilling watersports, explore the mesmerizing underwater world through diving and snorkeling, and embark on a breathtaking boat trip. For an adrenaline rush, we’ll hop on quad bikes and traverse the stunning desert landscapes.

In Cairo, prepare to be awestruck by the iconic pyramids and Sphinx, sail the majestic Nile on a felucca boat, and immerse ourselves in the wonders of ancient Cairo, including the historic Azhar Mosque and the enchanting Fatimid Cairo.

Our spiritual exploration takes us to Medina and Mecca, where we’ll undertake the profound Umrah pilgrimage. Along the way, we’ll also visit the sacred Jabal Nur, Jabal Rahma, and Jabal Thawr.

With an upbeat tone and boundless excitement, this trip promises unforgettable memories and a deep connection to Egypt’s rich history and spirituality.




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