AIC Juniors

The juniors committee was incepted in March 2021 with a focus on developing the hearts, minds, and bodies of our children at the Masjid. Within one year of inception, the committee grew to over 30 volunteers and is well-known for its diversity including many ethnicities within the team and a combination of adults and youth. Click here to join our contact list and be the first to know about our activities.
In recognition of the committee’s efforts in 2021, the committee chair (Rana Abdelrahman) has been selected as the Youth Worker of the Year 2021 by MAS national among over 70 Youth leaders in 39 chapters across the U.S.
Activities include a variety of recurring programs that run on week-days nights and on the weekends including Juniors Jumaa, Robotics, Soccer, Kickboxing, Gymnastics, Ramadan Juniors Jewels, and Ramadan Journey to know Allah, as well as single-day events such as Ramadan I’tekaf nights, Annual Family Retreat, Mother-Daughter night, Father-Son night, and Annual Eid night celebration.
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Juniors Jumaa

2-Hours weekly program that runs in the Fall and Spring; carefully designed to develop the children attachment to the Islam and the Masjid through entertaining activities, Interactive education, and a safe environment to learn and make friends.

Juniors Gymnastics

Tarbiya driven gymnastics class for girls, offered by a professional certified coach. Children learn the basics of gymnastic moves while living Tarbyia elements through small talks, Du'aa, and Jama'a prayer at the Masjid

Juniors Jumaa Summer Camp

What's better than Juniors Jumaa? More Juniors Jumaa!
A 3-hours weekly Summer Program on Friday nights featuring similar programming to Juniors Jumaa including Interactive Halaqa, sports time, fun time in addition to Summer long STEM projects.

Juniors Robotics

A week-day night program that focuses in challenging and developing STEM skills. Children enjoy hands-on experience in assembling and programming robots in a Tarbiya driven program that also combines Islamic habits and principles along with Jamaa prayer at the Masjid.

Juniors Jewels

Ramadan weekly program on Fridays, and Saturdays. Children meet with the mentors before Maghrib and they engage in interactive halaqa sessions learning essentials based on their age and knowledge such as Du'ua, Salah, Wudu, Tashahud, and more. The other half of the program is dedicated for fun activities, followed by Maghrib prayer in Jama'a and joining the community iftar at the Masjid with families.

Pre-Eid Night Celebration

A celebration the night before Eid aiming at strengthening the children understanding and attachment to the Eid as a Major event for Muslims. The night features fun activities, play time, as well as fireworks (if possible). 2022 Date is To Be Determined.

Juniors Soccer

A Tarbiya driven soccer program, running weekly on Sunday afternoons (Only for boys currently). Children learn soccer skills, team work values, Islamic values, and Integrated tarbiya elements as they have fun and compete at Alnoor Soccer Fields

Journey to Know Allah

Weekly Ramadan program on Sundays, where children participate with their mentors in a collaborative learning environment discussing topics such as Prophet stories and the 99 Names of Allah (SWT). The program is followed by praying Maghrib in Jama'a and joining the community iftar at the Masjid with families.

Family Picnic

One-day event (Usually in October, 2022 date to be determined) hosted outdoors at the Masdji featuring many activities and games for the kids and families to enjoy.

Recent Announcements

Marvels of MAS-AIC [LEGO LEAGUE: 7-11]

In collaboration with Marvels of MAS (Dallas) and ITKAN, AlNoor Islamic Center presents “MARVELS of MAS-AIC”. This is a program where participants will learn robotics and more to establish the First Lego League (FLL) team who can participate in the FIRST international competition. What is the vision of this program? With the supervision of MAS Dallas […]

AIC Juniros Programs Fall 2022

Alnoor Islamic Center is excited to announce this year’s Juniors programs! A mix of 3 programs Fridays & Saturdays to serve all aspects of our children’s Soul, Mind & Body! Separate yet equally important programs for our kids spiritual and mental health. Book your spot today in one or all three using this link

Youth Worker of the Year 2021

Congratulations to Sister Rana Abdelrahman; Juniors Committee Chair, for being selected as Youth Worker of the Year 2021 by MAS National among 39 chapters across the United States. The award recognizes the efforts of the Juniors committee at Alnoor Islamic Center in 2021. Learn more at

Juniors Summer Camp

What’s better than Juniors Jumaa?? More Juniors Jumaa 🥳🥳🥳. Juniors Jumaa Summer 2022 Camp 🥳🥳🥳Friday nights, June 17th – August 12th, offering Halaqa, sports, outdoor activities, and Summer long STEM projects. Sign-up before April 1st and get 10% off. To secure your child’s spot and discount, please: 1. Fill out the sign-up form: 2. […]

Journey to know Allah

Juniors “Journey to know Allah” program for children 5Y-7Y on Sundays 6:30pm-7:30pm, starting April 3rd, 2022 through Ramadan. Sign-up here

Juniors Jewels

The juniors committee is happy to announce two weekly Ramadan programs, please see above for Juniors Jewels Fridays and Saturdays from 6:30pm to Maghrib time. Parents are welcome to stay in the Musala on Fridays and invited to join the Quran time program on Saturdays by the Da’wa committee (to be announced), then we invite […]

Robotics Club

🤖🤖 Juniors committee presents the Robotics Club at Alnoor Islamic Center. A six week program for ages 7-11 to build and code a robot enhancing STEM and teamwork skills.

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